Beatrice Mai is a Chinese-Canadian creative producer, art director, and production/scenic designer based in New York City.

Raised by a creative director mother and a photographer father, she grew up on set to have eventually found a growing fascination for visual storytelling and world-building. 

Creative production and art direction spoke to her as affective mediums, through which her passion can bridge brands and audiences closer.

Beatrice believes visual design and artistic direction are ever-evoling, and should always be done with a greater purpose in mind. That is why she devotes herself to delivering cultural value through projects focused on underrepresented communities.

Her work has a proven track record with multiple films nominated and screend at Oscar & BAFTA qualifying festivals.

On her downtime, Beatrice is a ceramist and a content creator. Her practice manifests itself in her observation and study of places, people, objects, and digital hoarding.

YouTube @ohnobea
IG @ohnobeaa